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NEW RELEASE from Brad Pilon, the Bestselling Author of Eat Stop Eat

The Book on Heat

The missing piece to the weight loss puzzle

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The Book on Heat

The missing piece to the weight loss puzzle

Get to the root of why you have body fat and amaze yourself with a body transformation that doesn’t require any of the methods constantly pushed on you by the diet industry.

  • No fat burning pills
  • No restrictive diet
  • No intense exercise

For decades, the diet and fitness industry has led us all to believe that the ONLY way you can transform your body is by following a structured diet and exercise plan…

Now, this science-based breakthrough turns weight loss research on its head.

The Book on Heat is the absolute best reference for anyone who wants to benefit from the surprising role that temperature can play in weight loss, longevity and health.

Brad is a renowned author who specialized in Intermittent Fasting during his postgraduate studies. Based on years of research and experimentation he came up with the Eat Stop Eat method, his best selling book which has sold over 250,000 copies to date.

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