Have you ever wondered why Foxes in the Arctic are bigger than Foxes in the Desert?

Me Neither.

In 44 years of living on this planet, the thought has never once crossed my mind.

Yet this was the topic of my daughter's grade six school project…

…and it had me stumped.

The answer wasn’t food availability, type of food, metabolism, or even genetics.

…and it certainly isn’t the difference between having a fast or slow metabolism…

It turns out it was a 170-year-old law of biology called Bergmann’s Rule.

If you’ve never heard of Bergmann’s Rule, don’t worry, neither had I.

I am a nutrition expert with over 20 years’ experience and a graduate degree in nutritional sciences…

…I have authored books on weight loss that have sold over 250,000 copies, and I have never, ever heard of this Rule before, yet…

This unique rule is ESSENTIAL to our Ability to Lose Weight

This rule states that animals living in colder environments are larger than the same animals living in warmer regions.

The rule is named after nineteenth century German biologist Carl Bergmann, who described the rule way back in 1847, more than One hundred and Seventy Four Years ago!

Surprisingly, this Rule also applies to Humans.

A mountain of new research has proven that your body’s inability to burn fat may be directly related to this one single fact:

People living in the cold tend to be heavier, and fatter, than people living in the warmth

This has nothing to do with food or exercise or even genetics, but rather the difference between having a Hot or Cold Metabolism.

It doesn’t matter how fast your metabolism is, it matters what your body is trying to do…

The simple universal truth is that…

…Your body tries to add fat when it’s cold and lose fat when it’s hot.

This means you either have a Hot MetabolismGeared towards Fat loss, or a Cold MetabolismGeared towards Fat gain.

A COLD METABOLISM can make it feel impossible to lose even a single pound of fat and result in feeling angry, frustrated and constantly fighting with your own body, as your body tries desperately to add fat, while you try desperately to lose fat.

Whereas a HOT METABOLISM can make losing body fat feel faster and easier because both you and your body are actively working together to create a healthier fat burning metabolism.

This has been proven time and time again, across every single warm-blooded animal on the planet.

Yet, this fact has been swept under the carpet while we continue to argue about whether we should be eating more carbs or more fats to boost our metabolisms…

Look, if it’s true for every other warm-blooded species on earth, then it’s absolutely true for you too.

Now, this is where it gets really, really interesting.

You may be wondering, If this is true, then why isn’t everyone living in the south lean and everyone living in the north heavy?

I spent the next 3 years of my life researching this rule and discovered that…

We now spend most of our time indoors living in a perpetual artificially induced Cold Climate.

Research now shows that the average person now spends well over 95% of our time in a climate controlled environment.

Meaning for most of your life, whether you live in Texas or Toronto, your body has been using your Cold Metabolism in order to protect you from winter, just like the Arctic Fox, even though it may not actually be winter outside.

Which is why you have a drive to eat, why you want to snack at night and why it seems like everything you eat turns to fat.

To fix this problem, you absolutely must turn off your Cold Metabolism and activate your Hot Metabolism.

Having a HOT METABOLISM is the single most important factor in creating your ideal body

Now, you’re probably wondering why you have never heard of a Hot Metabolism before…

Well… There are literally billions of dollars being spent every year on weight loss and diet books.

It seems like each day a new book comes out telling you what you need to eat to boost your metabolism and start losing weight.

And if you’re like me, you’ve noticed most of these books are very similar, almost cookie cutter versions of each other.

And they have to be, if they’re all based on the same old idea that you need a fast metabolism to lose weight.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that many of these programs will work, at least for the first month or two (as long as you are restricting your calories)…

But none of them can promise long-lasting weight loss if you have a Cold Metabolism…

…because if you have a Cold Metabolism, your drive to store fat will simply be too strong… no matter how fast your metabolism is!

Ultra-Strict diets do work, but they are simply NOT needed… if you have a Hot Metabolism

I am confident that this is undeniably true.

Because of what I’ve learned about the biology of all warm-blooded animals, and because of my background in Nutrition and Weight Loss.

My name is Brad Pilon, and I have an honors degree in nutrition. So I understand the classic academic approach to how we should eat.

I spent four years of university studying all of the typical ‘eat less calories than you burn’ type of stuff you need to know to become a dietitian.

Then, right after university, instead of becoming a dietitian, I started working in the weight loss industry.

From managing the R&D department of a very successful sports supplement company to consulting start up companies, manufacturers and top fitness magazines, I have seen the inner workings of the industry that only a privileged few have ever seen.

During my time in the industry, part of my responsibilities included traveling the world learning about potential treatments for obesity…

From China, Germany, Scotland, England and all over North America, I have had the privilege of meeting some of the world’s greatest minds in nutrition and weight loss, and I spent a lot of this time learning about Fast and Slow Metabolisms.

Then, after years working in Research and Development, I gave up everything and went back to school to complete my graduate studies.

My research was on ‘The Metabolic Effects of Short Periods of Fasting in Humans and Its Potential Application in Weight Loss,’ which eventually became the best selling book Eat Stop Eat.

My First Book went on to sell over 250,000 copies worldwide, vaulting me to the status of weight Loss and Nutrition Expert

I spent the next few years helping hundreds of people like Scott and Roberta get the bodies of their dreams.


I was speaking at Nutrition conferences throughout the world.

I was a regular on dozens of famous podcasts and was even on television shows speaking about Nutrition and Fasting.

Yet, even after all of this, it was when I was asked to help my daughter with a simple school project that I realized I still didn’t know all I needed to know about why we gain and lose fat.

This discovery was so important, I decided to review all of the research on this topic and write The Book on Heat.

And as you’ll discover in the pages of the Book on Heat, there are TONS of surprising beneficial effects when you activate your Hot metabolism…

If you want all the benefits of exercise, without actually exercising, then read on…

The Book on Heat consists of simple, yet extremely powerful strategies that hold the key to activating your Hot Metabolism and creating amazing beneficial effects that are astoundingly similar to the benefits you get from exercise.

Benefits such as:

I know you probably think you’ve tried it all when it comes to weight loss, but I promise you’ve never tried anything like this before, and I guarantee you’re going to be amazed.

And you only have to look at the people who eat whatever they want and don’t gain weight to know this is true…

Some people have bodies that simply do not want to put on fat, in fact they actively FIGHT against any form of fat gain, this is because they have Hot Metabolism telling their bodies that they do not need extra insulation, they are warm enough…

So no more guilt about always being hungry, or craving carbs. No more guilt about not wanting to workout every day…

Activating your Hot Metabolism is the answer, NOT a secret diet trick or yet another exercise technique…

And this has NOTHING to do with having a high body temperature… it’s having a metabolism that has adapted to the heat, insead of adapted to the cold.

Having a Metabolism that is adapted to the COLD drives you to eat more and to store more as body fat as a matter of survival

Animals in the wild who have Hot Metabolisms are what we would call ‘Naturally Lean,’ and they certainly don’t diet and exercise to be lean, it’s their body’s natural response to having a Hot Metabolism.

Also, having a Hot Metabolism is not about eating certain amounts of food in certain food groups, nor does it push any special ‘rules’ on you about what you can and can’t eat.

With a Hot Metabolism your body simply has an immense drive to be lean, making weight loss quicker and easier than ever before.

It will make the process of losing weight so much easier for you.

And even though this may sound too good to be true, it is all backed by solid scientific research and universally accepted laws of biology.

These are totally unique strategies I have personally used on myself and many of my coaching clients to help make long term life changing transformations, especially when nothing else worked.

However, to prove to you that this is true, and for a limited time only, I’ve agreed to do something really special on this page.

The Book on Heat is normally sold for 15.99 on amazon, but if you’re on this page you’re probably a bit more skeptical than the average reader, so this is what I'm prepared to do to win your trust…

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So if you want to get the upper hand on weight loss, and if you want to get the body you desire without damaging your health, hitting frustrating plateaus or sacrificing your favorite foods, then unlocking the full potential of having a Hot Metabolism is the answer you’ve been looking for.

After all, the most powerful hormone-boosting, health promoting shortcut ever discovered isn’t diet or exercise, it’s Heat.


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Look, If you’re tired of fad diets and impossible workout plans, being told that your genetics are the secret to staying lean, or being told the reason you struggle is because of your slow metabolism then…

…I ask you to put your trust in over 300 scientific references from over 170 years of research.

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Yours truly,

Brad Pilon

Author, the Book on Heat


Here’s My Special Offer for You:

I’ll let you have a full 14 days to try out The Book On Heat…

…for Free!

That’s right, I’ll ship your copy, right to your door, you just
pay the 4.95 shipping in the USA.

Then if you like it, I’ll charge you the remaining 11 dollars at the end of 14 days.

If you didn’t like it just let me know and you wont get charged.

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You have nothing to lose. If you don't like The Book on Heat, just let me know and I won't charge you. There is no risk to you.

P.S. The Book on Heat is about 32,000 words and 140 pages long — It is simple and concise and will probably only take you one evening to read. If you want to be blinded by complex and confusing pseudo-scientific explanations, this probably isn’t the book for you.

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